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By Tom Blake


Tom and his partner of 15 years--Greta--love to travel. Both are in their early 70s and know that now is the time to get those trips in, while they are healthy enough to do so.


Tom has written a myriad of articles over the last 18 years about their travels and these articles can be found on this website. The most recent series of blogs highlight a trip to Europe in April and May, 2013, that includes stories on Amsterdam, Lisbon, The Canary Islands, the island of Madeira, Casablanca, Cadiz and Seville, Spain, on the first loop of a cruise.


The second loop of the cruise includes Rotterdam, Holland, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Stockholm and Visby, Sweden.


If you enjoy traveling, you will love the website.


This site is one of the premiere sites for people age 50 and beyond in the world. It has endless articles on topics of interest for singles and married people in their later years.


Tom decided to do a new website called because he has found that as people enter their 60s, 70s and 80s, their needs and expectations change vs. when they were 50. The FindingLoveAfter 50 site is considered a sister site to the new site.


For a wealth of dating information, visit the site.


A few years after working for Victoria Station, Tom opened a deli in Dana Point, California, called Tutor and Spunky's. That was in 1988. The deli has become the most popular dining place in the South Orange County area including Dana Point, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano. Now, 25 years later, Tom still oversees his deli on a daily basis. It's a classic icon among the locals. Two of Tom's initial employees--Teresa and Rosalinda--are still working at the deli with him.


This is a refreshing and enjoyable website to visit.

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