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Where Are They Now?

Relation to Victoria Station?
Where are they now?

Dick Bradley

One of the three VS founders

Entrepreneur, San Francisco. Married to Monene, his high school sweetheart

Owns & operates Tutor & Spunky's Deli, in Dana Point, CA (25 years) & columnist for Picket Fence Media in South Orange County.

Tom Blake

Owner of the Trident Restaurant, Sausalito, California, & the world famous Buena Vista Restaurant, San Francisco, the place where Irish Coffee was invented.

One of the three Victoria Station founders

Bob Freeman

Owner, Hennessey's Restaurants (23 restaurants, Southern CA). Married to Jennifer Slaymaker, former VS employee

Manager, VS Torrance, Asst. Mgr., Quinn's Lighthouse

Paul Hennessey

Living in Dallas Texas

Mic Anic

Finance Department, VS Headquarters, 150 Chesnut Street

Former Victoria Station manager and four years as marketing director. Author of "Prime Rib and Boxcars. Whatever Happened To Victoria Station?"

Jack Jarrell

Vice President of Construction and Special Projects

One of the three VS founders

Founder and CEO, Ipixc, Marin County, California. Living in Tiburon

Peter Lee

Owner of the Sunshine Saloon, Pleasanton, California. Married to Heather, a former VS employee.

Bob Rossi

Regional Manager Victoria Station

Willie Northup

VS Denver bartender and other VS restaurants

Living in Hawaii

Owner Spud's Restaurant, Sand Point, Idaho

Peter Mico


Runs Merit Bldg Specialties. Lives in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Came "on board" in Cincinnati in 1973 as a bartender. Transfered over to the opening of Newport Beach, CA store Memorial Day of 1974

Mike Stipher

Retired. San Rafael, California

Manager Victoria Station, Phoenix, Public Relations Manger, 150 Chestnut Street headquarters.

Served on the Boards of Directors of numerous regional and national restuarant chains before  retiring in 2010. Lives in San Rafael.

Barry Krantz

Director of marketing in 1977 and 1978

Jerry Gibbons


Founder of Victoria Station's first advertising agency, Pritikin & Gibbons Communicatioms


Working as a consultant to advertising agencies and marketers and still loving life in San Francisco with lovely wife Val.

Restaurants, development projects, nefarious other pursuits; Home ported on a gorgeous lake in Guatemala.

Ed Reed

Left a trail thru 1220, Lords on Union, VSOak and VSNO.

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